Most Trusted Person

"We sent you not but as a mercy for all creatures" (Quran, 21:107)

The Prophet (pbuh) had such sublime virtues in his blessed being, such exalted qualities in his Messengership, and such precious merits in the religion and sacred Law that he preached, that even his bitterest enemies could find no fault with him. Since he combines function, religion, and the most praiseworthy virtues in his personality, he is certainly the master and representative of all perfections and high virtues found in creation.

This perfect commander challenged the world with only a few followers. He repelled all who opposed his teachings and was never defeated, although he had no mortal teachers and never attended a military academy. He was so informed about science that he told his followers about almost all the major events that would occur until the Last Day. It was as if he were watching television or reading from an unseen tablet.

Who taught all these scientific facts to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)? Certainly he did not speak on his own. Whatever he spoke was a Revelation revealed to him by his teacher, the One Who knows everything, Who is All-Knowing and All-Aware. As science advances, humanity will come to discover a new aspect of his personality and will regret not having known him earlier.

Prophets(pbuh) childhood and youth were a prelude to his Prophethood. Besides his other exalted and laudable characteristics, everyone agreed upon his truthfulness and trustworthiness. He never lied, cheated, broke his word, or participated in pagan rituals. He was called "the Truthful, Trustworthy Man" even by his bitterest enemies. People would say:

"If you have to travel and need someone to look after your wife, entrust her to Muhammad without hesitation, for he will not even glance at her face. If you want to entrust your wealth for safeguarding, entrust it to this trustworthy, honest man, for he will never touch it. If you look for someone who never tells a lie and never breaks his word, go directly to Muhammad, because whatever he says is true."

Those who knew him from his childhood immediately believed in his Prophethood: Abu Bakr, Uthman, Talha, Zubayr, Abu Dharr, and Yasir, among others. When Ammar told his father that he believed, the latter responded: "If Muhammad says that Allah(God) is One, it is true. He never lies."

In the early days of his Prophethood, Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) once summoned the Qurayshis to the foot of Abu Qubays hill. He asked them: "Would you believe me if I told you an enemy host was waiting behind this hill to attack you?" Everyone answered that they would, even his uncle Abu Lahab, who would become his bitterest enemy.

When humanity was in dire need of someone to destroy unbelief and breathe new life into the world, Allah(God) raised Muhammad(pbuh) to stop all forms of wickedness. The Prophet(pbuh) was a symbol of love and mercy. The Quran says: "We sent you not but as a mercy for all creatures" (Quran, 21:107). In the words of Ahmad Shawky:

"The sun of guidance was born,
and the entire universe was illumined.
A smile appeared on the lips of time,
and his praises were sung."

pbuh : peace be upon him

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