"You do not see any imperfection in the creation by the Most Gracious. Keep looking; do you see any flaw? Look again and again; your eyes will come back stumped and conquered." (Quran: 67/3-4)

Woodpeckers build their nests by boring holes in tree trunks with their beaks. Woodpeckers suffer no traumatic brain injury when they beat a tree trunk so vigorously with their heads. A woodpecker can peck a hard tree trunk 38-43 times in just two or three seconds and nothing happens to it. Nothing happens because the head structure of woodpeckers is ideally created for such a task. The skull of the woodpecker has a remarkable suspension system that absorbs the force of the blows. Its forehead and some skull muscles adjoined to its beak and the jaw joint are so robust that they help lessen the effect of the forceful strokes during pecking.

Preferring primarily pine trees, woodpeckers check the age of the trees before boring a hole in them and pick those older than 100 years, because pine trees older than 100 years suffer an illness that causes the hard and thick bark to soften.

This is not the only reason why woodpeckers prefer pine trees. Woodpeckers dig cavities around their nests, the function of which was not originally understood. These cavities were later understood to protect them from snakes. Over time, the sticky resin that leaks from the pine trees fills up the cavities. Snakes have an aversion to the gummy resin that pine stems produce. Snakes climbing a tree with nest cavities stop and try to turn around when they reach the pine gum and typically fall from the tree. If snakes are coated with resin on their body, they move uncontrollably, and sometimes they even die.

Another interesting feature of woodpeckers is that their tongues are thin enough to penetrate even ants' nests in the trees. Their tongues are also sticky, which allows them to collect the ants that live there. The perfection in their creation is further revealed by the fact that their tongues have a structure which prevents them from being harmed by the acid in the bodies of the ants.

The characteristics and special features of the woodpeckers and the pine trees show us that they are "created". As the woodpeckers were created by Allah(God) with a special "system" for their life, they started their lives by bearing all the vital characteristics.

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