Love of Allah(God)

"Those who believe and whose hearts are set at rest by the remembrance of Allah; now surely by Allah's remembrance are the hearts set at rest." (Quran : 13/28)

"Being a lover means your heart must ache,
No sickness hurts as much as when hearts break,
The lover's ailment's totally unique,
Love is the astrolabe of all we seek,
Whether you feel divine or earthly love,
Ultimately we're destined for above.
To capture love whatever words I say
Makes me ashamed whenever love arrives my way,
While explanation sometimes makes things clear;
True love through silence only one can hear;
The pen would smoothely write the things it knew
But when it came to love it split in two,
A donkey stuck in mud is logic's fate,
Love's nature only love can demonstrate.
( Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi, Masnavi, Book 1 , 109,116 )

Just prior to this line is the opening section of Rumi's first story in the Masnavi, about a king who fell in love with a maiden. However,she was unhappy with him and began to look and act sickly. A wise physician came and discovered that she was actually physically healthy, but heart-sick from being in love with someone else, whom she grievously missed. The scent of every (kind of) firewood is made evident from the (type of) smoke (it produces). He saw from her (type of) misery that it was the misery of the heart; (her) body was well, but she was "the prisoner of the heart" . The hidden nature and quality of a thing is indicated by the effects which it produces. Being in love is made manifest by soreness of heart.

"Love is the astrolabe" means that only love can "measure" and understand the depths of Divine mysteries. The astrolabe is an ancient astronomical device, an instrument for measuring the altitude of the stars and solving the problems of spherical astronomy. Hence our Love and intellect are like the astrolabe: by this means we may know the nearness of the Allah(God). Being a lover eventually guides us to the Source of Love which is Allah(God), the Only Beloved. All earthly beauty is but the reflection of Heavenly Beauty, and as the reflection fades away when we turn our eyes towards the Light whence it came.

The nature of Love is revealed much more brightly and clearly when expressed in a non-verbal way. The poet explains the meaning of Love (expressed) without the tongue is much clearer: the signs of love, such as agitation, pallor, and tears, speak for themselves. The tongue of inward feeling is more eloquent than the tongue of discourse.

The discursive reason which maintains a distinction between the subject and object of thought, cannot possibly comprehend or describe the nature of divine Love. This is a mystery that Love reveals to the lover by immediate experienced . "He who doesn't taste, doesn't know".

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