Hardships of Life

"Allah(God) burdens not any soul beyond its capacity." ( Quran:2/286 )

"Cast was the wheat grain under the soil,
Then, ears of corn were gathered from its dust,
Then, it was ground between the millstones,
And lo, its worth rose and it became life-giving bread!
Then the bread was crushed under the teeth,
And lo, it became intellect, soul and gainful understanding!"
( Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi )

Metals, in order to be separated from impurities, are melted in hot furnaces. Hardships of life purify the human soul just like pressure turns coal into diamond. Hardships of life purify the human and purge him of impurities, and prepare him for fulfilling his human duties. Ultimately no individual can attain to true peace of mind except in the shadow of hardships.

Hardships and difficulties make up the touchstone of morality. In the same way as some plants must be squeezed to give out their perfume, so also some natures have to be subjected to hardship in order that their essential talents and merits become manifest.

Under all circumstances, defeat and hardship are wiser teachers than happiness and comfort. Defeat reforms and strengthens an individual's character; suffering and hardship bring discipline and awareness to nature. They initiate the person in the rites of patience and forbearance, developing the most sublime thoughts and ideas in his mind. Only hardships can fathom the depths of human thought.

And don't forget the following verse: "Allah(God) burdens not any soul beyond its capacity." ( Quran:2/286 )

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