True Peace of Mind

"And he who submits himself wholly to Allah(God), and is a doer of good, he has, surely, grasped a firm handle. With Allah(God) rest the end of all affairs." (Quran: 31/22)

As we have already stated, one of the reasons why people feel interest in philosophies such as the idea of karma is their desire to escape from the worries in their lives, their lack of peace of mind and their unhappiness. Different people try various methods of their own in order to achieve this. However, in reality the only way to achieve true contentment and peace of mind is to surrender to Allah(God), respect the boundaries He has set up and seek His blessing in every moment of our lives.

Anyone who surrenders to Allah(God), the sole Lord of the whole universe, and who accepts Allah(God) as their only Friend and Guardian, bowing before Him in heartfelt love, obedience and awe, has found the only way to salvation and inner peace, for Allah(God) is the Supreme Power.

For instance, let us take the case of a person with a legal problem. This person will hire a lawyer to defend him. He will trust the lawyer because he knows the legal system much better than he himself does. As long as he continues to trust in the lawyer's abilities and feel confidence in him, he will feel relaxed and confident about everything to do with the lawsuit. But if he does not entrust his business to a lawyer in spite of the fact that he himself has no knowledge of legal matters, and take the entire responsibility upon himself, he will meet with many unnecessary worries and difficulties.

The example show how we place confidence in other people because of their special abilities. Being able to rely on someone we trust gives us a welcome feeling of peace of mind and confidence. However, trusting in Allah(God) and surrendering ourselves to Him is an incomparably greater and more significant matter than this.

If we surrender ourselves to Allah(God), we willingly accept everything He sends us throughout our lives-every event, every image, every conversation. No matter what happens, we never ask, "What's going on?" When we have experienced difficulty, we never say, "If only this or that had not happened", because we know that everything that happens to us has been sent to us by our Allah(God), to Whom we have confidently surrendered ourselves and in Whose justice, kindness and mercy we have absolute faith. It is very important for us to surrender ourselves to Allah(God), as a means to salvation and peace of mind. The importance of this is explained in the following verses of the Quran: "And he who submits himself wholly to Allah(God), and is a doer of good, he has, surely, grasped a firm handle. With Allah(God) rest the end of all affairs." (Quran: 31/22)

Those who do not surrender themselves to Allah(God), trusting instead in their own wisdom and seeing themselves as separate, independent beings, often experience suffering and unhappiness throughout their lives. Whenever they do not get what they want, they immediately begin to feel unhappy and despairing-whereas if they knew that everything Allah(God) sends us is for a good purpose in terms of our ultimate fate, and told themselves that Allah(God) knows things that they do not know, nothing would cause them sorrow or anxiety.

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