The Day of Judgment

"Master of the Day of Judgment". (Quran : 1/4)

"Master of the Day of Judgment". (Quran : 1/4)

This verse of Surah "Al-Fatihah" pays homage to Allah(God) as "the Master of the Day of Judgment or Requital" . The phrase "Master of the Day of Judgment" implies total mastery on the Day of Judgment, meaning that on the Day of Judgment the mastery over everything that exists will belong to Allah(God) alone.

The Day of Judgment is the day appointed by Allah(God) to recompense good or evil deeds. The world is only the field of action, the place where one is required to perform one's duty, and not the place for receiving one's reward. The mere fact that man happens to be healthy and wealthy or powerful does not necessarily argue that he has won the pleasure and favour of Allah(God).

Similarly, the mere fact that a man happens to be ill or poor or weak or miserable does not by itself indicates that he is the object of Allah(God)'s wrath. In short, physical well-being or worldly glory or luxury is no sure indication of one's virtue and truthfulness, nor is sorrow and suffering that of one's misdeeds and falsity. It may, however, happen that a man receives some punishment or reward for his deeds in this world. This never is the full recompense, but only a faint model which has been manifested to serve as an intimation or warning.

The sufferings of this world, as even its joys, are sometimes a trial, and sometimes a punishment, but never a full recompense, for the world is itself transitory. What really counts is the joy or suffering that will endure for ever, and which one will come to know in the other world beyond this world.

Given the fact that good or evil deeds are not fully recompensed in this world, and the rational and just principle that good and evil not being equal in value, every deed should be rewarded or punished according to its nature, it readily follows that beyond this world there should be another world where every deed, big or small, good or evil, is to be judged, and then justly rewarded or punished.

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