The World and Hereafter

"And who believe in that which has been revealed to you and that which was revealed before you and they are sure of the hereafter. These are on a right course from their Lord and these it is that shall be successful." (Quran: 2/4-5)

A child in the womb of his mother has a mouth, eyes, ears, hands and feet. All of his organs and equipments are bestowed completely. However, none of them is needed in that womb. The baby is fed by means of an umbilical cord ( the cord that connects the baby to the mother ).

What if that child says: "O my Lord! This cord is enough for me. There is no need for this mouth, these eyes, ears, hands and feet. They do not serve any purpose. This cord is everything for me. My whole life will pass in this womb and there is not another world other than this womb."

When the child borns, he will enter such a world that this cord which he defined as 'everything for him' is going to be useless and so it is going to be cut off. Soon the child will realise that the mouth, eyes, ears and similar organs which he considered as useless are going to be the most important equipments for him. Also the child will see that there is another world other than the womb.

If that child did not believe those truths and came into this world as a denier and saw that the midwife cut off his cord and threw it into the trash box and realized that the mouth, eyes and similar organs, which he assumed to be useless, started to function and that he could not exist without them, would that child be ashamed or not; would he feel very sorry because he did not believe what Allah(God) said or not?

Currently, we are in the womb of a mother just like that child and are going to enter another world in 9 months, 9 years or in 90 years. The name of that world is the "Hereafter". Now, we are connected to our world mother with material cords and with our stomachs.

What if we say: "O our Lord! We spend our lives well. What is the use of Prayers, fasting, pilgrimage, zakat (alms), religion, belief and Islam?"

We are going to leave this world in a short while. We are going to be taken to such a world that these material cords which we may define as "everything for us" is going to be useless. Prayers like worship, alms (zakat) and pilgrimage which we may consider as useless are going to be the most important assets for us. People are not going to be respected in accordance with their cars, money or properties but with their hearts, deeds and prayers.

That is to say, our performed prayers, zakats, fasting, pilgrimage, good deeds, belief will be everything for us in the Hereafter. They are going to become hands, feet, cars, villas, pools, planes, limitless wealth, felicity and briefly, they will become Paradise.

If we behaved arrogantly, did not affirm the truths (which our Lord told us) by our hearts and then went to Hereafter as being deniers and if we witnessed the truth as our Lord informed before, would we not become ashamed? Verily, would we not feel embarrassed like that child, who considered the mouth as useless in his mother's womb when we witnessed our cord which we regarded as everything; that is to say, our cars, apartments, money and assets had no importance; contrarily, belief, prayers, good deeds meant everything in that world? Would we not feel very sorry? Would we not say "If only we had believed, performed our prayers, fasted, lived for the sake of Allah(God), spent our lives on the path of the Prophet (pbuh)? "

(pbuh) = peace be upon him

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