The Teeth

" And if you would count Allah(God)'s favors, you will not be able to number them; most surely Allah(God) is Forgiving, Merciful." ( Quran : 16/18 )

As soon as you place food in your mouth, the digestive system goes into action. The food is broken down and ground up by the teeth, which have been specially created with this process in mind. Every tooth has a shape appropriate to its function. The front teeth are sharp and can break loose pieces of food. Canine teeth are pointed, and slice up the food. The molars have been created to grind the food down. If the teeth in our mouths were all of the same sort (if we had 32 canine teeth or 32 incisors) we would find it almost impossible to eat.

Another example of the creation in the teeth can be seen in their arrangement. Every tooth is in exactly the right place. Incisors are at the front, where they need to be, and the molars are in the back,again in just the right position. If they were to change places, they would become effectively useless.

There is also complete harmony between the independent upper and lower teeth. The teeth in both regions have been so created as to sit comfortably against one another when your jaw is closed. For example, if just one of your molars were longer than the others or had an excess protrusions, you would be unable to close your mouth. You would then be unable to fulfill such basic actions as eating or speaking.

Newborn babies have no teeth in their mouths. But they have no need of them in their early days. Gradually, however, as the time comes for them to eat solid foods, various changes take place in babies' soft palates. Some cells here suddenly begin storing calcium, as if they had received a signal. Later, these millions of cells combine together in complete order and set themselves out, one on top of and side by side each other, as if they know what they must do. Cells that have stored excess calcium later die, and these dead cells constitute the body of the teeth.

After the millions of cells have stored their calcium, they clump together, side by side, to form a large block. Again, the cells constituting this block determine its shape. At this point, another great miracle of creation can be perceived. For example, the cells in the bottom jawbone know what kind of shape the cells far away from them in the upper palate will construct. Both groups of cells construct their overall blocks in such a manner that they will fit together in the most ideal way. Thus when the jaw is closed, the molars on top sit squarely against those on the bottom.

Any disharmony in this form would cause you great discomfort. However, thanks to the unbelievable consciousness exhibited by the cells in the palate, the 32 calcium blocks are constructed in the most ideal forms for one another.

Details such as the resistant structure of teeth, the way they are set out, and how their shapes and functions complement one another shows the evident creation in them. There is only one reason for the conscious actions of these cells. Like all the cells in the body, it is Almighty Allah(God) Who gives to the cells that comprise the teeth their properties.

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