Human Miracle

"It is He Who has created for you (the faculties of) hearing, sight, feeling and understanding: little thanks it is you give!" (Quran: 23/78)

In this group of articles, we will examine information in considerable detail, draw attention to the fine characteristic in every square millimeter of the human body, and particularly emphasize the cells, tissues, molecules and glands that perform such miraculous processes within the body's depths.

From time to time, we will also provide technical details, to ensure a better understanding of the complex structure within your body, and also to give you a new perspective on events occurring inside your body and to encourage you to consider them more deeply.

In order to achieve this, as you read though these articles, imagine yourself on a voyage throughout your own body; a voyage on which unbelievable surprises await you. You'll witness how cells in your small intestine are able to recognize and trap iron atoms out of the many hundreds of different substances they encounter. You will see how, after a long journey, a molecule of hormone, produced in an endocrine gland located in your head, reaches its far distant objective (your kidney), for example, and how it instructs the cells there what to do.

Viewed from that point of view, your body is a whole city, a whole other world, in fact. Inside it are modes of transport, buildings, factories, infrastructure systems, equipment more highly advanced than even the most sophisticated technology in the outside world, specialized elements (such as cells, hormones, glands) that seem to exhibit unexpected awareness, fully equipped defensive troops, and many other marvels.

In our journey we will realize that the stomach, a mere enclosure of muscle and tissue, possesses a special system that prevents it digesting itself while it secretes the acid strong enough to dissolve meat . . . we will realize that when we cut our finger, at least 20 different enzymes go into action in a very special sequence in order for our blood to clot, with never any confusion or deficiency in the various processes while this is carried out . . . will find, by thinking deeply about the details of matter, that none of these systems could have developed by chance.

Those who understand these details will realize that the tiny worlds of their bodies, has a Creator, and will regard the information they read here as a guide to becoming acquainted with that Creator. Everyone who sees the order in the systems within the human body, its superior creation at every point, will also clearly see that an Entity possessed of a superior power and a superior intellect must have created that body.

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