"And when you speak, then be just though it be (against) a relative, and fulfill Allah(God)'s covenant; this He has enjoined you with that you may be mindful." (Quran: 6/152)

The Prophet(pbuh) was recognized, even by the Quraish of Mekkah, his worst enemies, who called him by the name of "as-Sadiq" (the truthful) and "al-Amin" (the trustworthy) long before his Prophethood because of his honest and truthful dealings as a trader. But the titles al-Amin and as-Sadiq do not simply imply honesty in money matters alone; they are comprehensive and cover righteousness in every form.

He loved truth intensely, adhered to truth and preached truth all his life. He never uttered a single lie all his life, either before or after his Prophethood. In the battle of Hunain, when the fighting became rough and fierce and the Muslim warriors were in disarray, and running in all directions and when defeat seemed certain, the Prophet was not in the least in doubt about his mission. He declared openly: "I am the Messenger of Allah(God); there is no untruth in this" (Hadith, Bukhari, 4317). This implies that truth was deeply ingrained in the mind of the Prophet and the only thing he could do with it was to pass it on to his listeners.

The Prophet(pbuh) also said that a true action leads to the path of virtue, and virtue paves the way of a person to paradise, and this person continues to speak the truth until, in the sight of Allah(God), he is named "as-S'iddiq" (the Truthful). Lying, on the other hand, leads to vice, and vice leads to indecent acts and a person goes on lying until, in the sight of Allah(God), he is called a liar ( Hadith, Bukhari, 116).

This shows that truth brings peace of mind, but falsehood disturbs the mind. When the mind is disturbed as a result of vice, there is no way an individual can achieve peaceful coexistence with another person.

It is an undeniable fact that truthfulness is an indispensable quality of a Prophet. And this quality was found in absolute perfection in the person of the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh). The Prophet loved truth and righteousness and never spoke a lie throughout his life. And even his opponents recognized this great quality of the Prophet .When the Prophet gathered together all his relatives near Mount Safa to convey his Message to them, he asked them whether they had ever heard him tell a lie. They all replied that they never had.

According to the Prophet (pbuh), a truthful and righteous person is one who is truthful in words, in intentions, in motives and in actions. The Prophet(pbuh) was an embodiment of truth, honesty and righteousness. He did not speak anything but truth all his life, did not preach anything but truth and did not practice anything but truth. He presented the word of truth from his Lord to mankind and stuck to it under all circumstances; in victory and defeat; in weakness and strength; and in poverty and richness.

( pbuh = peace be upon him )

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