The Prophet(pbuh) said: "If the mountain of Uhud were turned into gold for me, I would not like three nights to pass and one dinar still be left with me, excepting what I would leave for paying my debts."

No person could ever equal the Prophet (pbuh) in generosity.Whatever he received he gave away to others and felt more pleasure than those who received the gift. He never turned anyone away empty-handed from his house and always gave preference to the needy over his own needs. His charity was of various kinds. Sometimes he gave a gift; sometimes he borrowed something and repaid it generously; sometimes he bought a thing and paid more than the price to the seller; and sometimes he gave charity. He accepted gifts from other people but always gave more gifts in return for them.

The Prophet (pbuh) never said no to any request from anyone in his life. He used to say that he was only a distributor and a treasurer and that Allah(God) was the Bestower of everything. Once a man came to him and saw his herd of goats stretching over a vast area. He requested help and the Prophet (pbuh) gave him the whole herd of goats. The man went back to his people and told them to accept Islam.

Another man asked him for help when he had nothing to give, so he told the man to borrow on his behalf and he would repay the loan. Umar, who was present, asked the Prophet(pbuh) whether Allah(God) had not burdened him more than he could bear. The Prophet(pbuh) kept quiet. However, a man was present there who offered to help. The Prophet(pbuh) smiled with great joy at his offer. The Prophet(pbuh) was so generous that he always gave something to anyone who asked him for help, but if he had nothing, he promised help later on.

Sometimes it so happened that The Prophet(pbuh) purchased an article for himself, then gave it as a gift to the seller. Once he bought a camel from Umar and straightaway gave it as a gift to Umar's son Abdullah. Once he bought something from Jabir and gave it back to him as a gift. Sometimes Allah(God) blessed the food that the Prophet(pbuh) shared so that it multiplied to feed many. During one battle, there were 130 companions with the Prophet (pbuh). He bought one goat, slaughtered it and ordered its liver to be roasted.When it was ready, he distributed it among all the companions and kept a share for those who were not present.

Whenever he received anything, he did not sit in peace until it was finished. Umm Salmah, the Prophet's wife, reported that one day the Prophet came home looking disturbed. She asked him what the matter was. He replied that the seven dinars he had received the day before had remained on the bed until evening and had not been distributed. He did not rest until they were given away.

Abu Dharr reported that one evening he was walking with the Prophet when he said, "If the mountain of Uhud were turned into gold for me, I would not like three nights to pass and one dinar still be left with me, excepting what I would leave for paying my debts." (Hadith)

He would never rest until all the cash in the house was completely finished. Once the Prophet went home in a hurry after the prayer and then immediately came out again. The people were surprised, but he told them that he had remembered during the prayer that there was some gold in his house. He thought that he might forget and the gold might remain there all night. He went back home to ask that it might immediately be given in charity.

He always paid the debts of the dead and issued instructions to the effect that if anyone died leaving any debt, he should be informed of it so that he could pay it off. In short, the Prophet (pbuh) was so generous and charitable that he never kept anything surplus for himself but gave all to those who came to him for help .

"O son, burst the chains and be free!
How long will you be a bondsman to silver and gold?
If you pour the sea into a pitcher,
how much will it hold? The pittance of a day!
New plans for wealth your fancies would invent;
Yet shells, to nourish pearls, must lie content.
Whose garment is rent by a (mighty) love
is purged entirely of covetousness and defect.
Hail, heavenly love! true source of endless gains!
The balm restores me, and the skill sustains."
(Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi, Masnavi, Book 1 , 19-23 )

( pbuh = peace be upon him )

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