Names of Allah

"Those who believe and whose hearts are set at rest by the remembrance of Allah(God); now surely by Allah's remembrance are the hearts set at rest." (Quran : 13/28)

So we see how the Quran matches the reality perfectly, it is said that the Quran is a mirror for the universe and the universe is a mirror for the Quran because they are both from the same Source. The meaning of the Name "Allah" is "The One Who possesses all of the attributes of perfection". Allah is the One Who is Perfect in every way and because of that Perfection, because of that Majesty, because of that Tremendousness, He deserves the submission of all creation. Allah has several Names that describe His's Perfection and all of these Names are contained in the Name "Allah".

We know that Allah is All-Powerful in that He can do anything and everything that He does is easy for Him. He does not even need to make any effort whatsoever to accomplish anything, He only says "Be" and it is. So when we refer to Him as "Allah" we are also referring to Him as the All-Powerful.

We also know that Allah is All Knowing in that everything is in His Knowledge. There is not one iota of knowledge that it outside His Knowledge because He knows everything. He Knows what is in the deepest ocean, and what is in the farthest galaxy as He Knows what is in the deepest recesses of our hearts. He is also the All Seeing and the All Hearing. There is no sight that is hidden from Him. He Sees everything, even that which is hidden in layers upon layers of darkness. Similarly there is no sound that does not reach Him, even the faintest whisper reaches Him.

These are only a few of His Perfect Names and all of these Names are in the Name "Allah". This is why it is said that it is the greatest of His Names. It is the Name that best describes Him. When you call on Him by this Name you are in essence calling on Him by all of His Names. This is something that is special only for the name of "Allah". So whereas the other Names describe only that particular attribute of His, the Name "Allah" describes all of His's perfect attributes. It is the most comprehensive and the most complete of His Names and that is why it is the greatest.

The Name "Allah" is said to be derived from the words "Al" and "illah". The word "Al" is similar to the English word "the" and it is used for identifying the definite article in a sentence. So for example when you say "a book" you could be referring to any book but when you say "The book" there is the specific and definite book that you are referring to. The word "illah" does not simply mean "god" or "object of worship" as it is commonly translated. Rather it means that which the heart of a person is attached to. The "illah" of a person is what fills his thoughts day and night. In other words a person's "illah" is the most important thing in that person's life.

This name itself shows us that only Allah deserves to be "illah" because He is "the illah". He is the One Who deserves to be the "illah". He brought us into existence. At every moment He maintains our existence. And He is the One Who has given us everything that we have. Every bounty, every happiness, that we have in our lives is only from Him. And an even more important reason why He deserves to be our "illah" is because of His Perfection and Majesty.

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