The Skin

What if we had to wear a skin that was inflexible ?

What if we had to wear a skin that was inflexible? Then the skin would crack when we gain weight. Since our skin is flexible we can easliy move our body, if our skin was thicker and brittle, even simple movements would become painful.

The most outer layer of the skin is epidermis where most of the cells are dead. The layer under epidermis is dermis which is made of living cells. As epidermal cells dye, they turn into keratin which holds the dead cells together forming a protective layer for us.

If epidermal cells continuely turned into dead cells, then the thickness of the skin would be out of control. But somehow the skin is just thick enough to offer its functionalities for us. If the skin were thicker or a thinner it could not function as we require.

The skin also functions as an air conditioner. There are tiny holes (pores) in the skin tissue . The sweat glands pass the sweat through these pores. The sweat absorbs the body heat to vaporise and this enables coolness for the body.

Besides all its services for us, the skin is also aesthetic. So, "Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?" ( Quran: 55/13 )

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