Lord of the Universe

"Praise be to Allah(God), Lord of the universe." (Quran: 1/2)

The first Surah "Al Fatihah" begins with the arabic words "Al-hamdulillah", signifying that all praise essentially belongs only to Allah(God). Whosoever praises anything anywhere in the world is ultimately praising Allah(God). The sensible world contains millions of things which compel man's attention and admiration for their beauty and usefulness, but if one tries to look behind the veil of appearances, one would find in each and every thing the manifestation of the same creative power. Admiring anything that exists in the created world is no more than showing one's admiration for a work of art or craft, which in fact is a praise of the artist or the craftsman.

This small statement of the Holy Quran opens a new perspective for man lost in the labyrinth of multiplicity, and shows him how the many are knit together in the same unity, and how all praise in reality belongs to One whose power is absolute, and that it is only in our ignorance or indifference that we regard this praise to be due to anyone else.

If there is only one Being in the whole universe who inherently deserves all praise, it necessarily follows from it that this Being alone should be Worthy of adoration and worship. Thus we can see that the phrase, "Al-hamdulillah" cuts the very root of polytheism or the worship of created beings, and at the same time brings out in a self-evident manner the first and the basic principle of the Islamic creed -- Oneness of Allah(God).

The next phrase to follow in the Surah is the arabic word, "Rabb" which signifies that Allah(God) is the One who creates, the One who nurtures, the One who sustains every creature. The word, "Rabb" is exclusive to the sacred Being of Allah(God), and cannot be employed in the case of any created being, for a created being is itself in need of 'nurture', and cannot nurture anyone else.

The next phrase "Al-'alamin" is the plural of "alum" (world, universe, kingdom). So the phrase "The universe" include all possible forms of existence: the sky, the earth, the sun, the moon, stars, wind and rain, the angels, the jinns, animals, plants, minerals, and, of course, men. So, "the Lord of all the universe" means that Allah(God) alone gives nurture to all the forms of existents that are to be found in this universe, or in the millions of universes that may lie beyond our own universe in the outer space.

The universe reveals itself to be an incredibly complex, yet perfectly integrated order. From the heavens to the earth, from the planets and the stars to the particles of dust, everything is bound in a chain of being, and is performing the function assigned to it by Divine Wisdom. Man cannot obtain a little morsel of food unless a thousand forces of the sky and the earth work together to produce it. The universal order is there for man to contemplate, and to realize that, if Allah(God) has put millions of His creatures in the service of man, man in his turn cannot be worthless or purposeless or meaningless.

Shahidur Rahman Sikder (Guest) said: 'Discovery Allah/God the Big Bang, Evolution and Gravitation Allah/God: What is Allah or God? Who is Allah or God? That means many instances such as; A source, Originating cause, First cause, Omnivorous, Nature, Single dimension, Super power, Dark Energy, Black body, Big black hole, A black hole, absolute time sole dimension, sole dimension of power of the things of the universe, great space or the location the center of the connectors between the great world or the great universes, location of the beginning or ending or the most deepest place, same location of place period or the matter, location of the big black hole or primordial black hole or before big bang, huge reserve of the natural force etc, is Allah/the God (Power). Modern Big Bang Theory: ā??Beginning of the creation a part of the power of the Allah/God became divisible as a result of the big bangā?. At the time of the beginning of the creation or from the absolute zero of time or from the big black hole or from the Nature or From the God, part of the power of the Nature/God/Allah became divisible as a result of the big bang. The part of energy had been divided in the beginning of creation from the large field of energy, which is below 50% of total energy. In the most of natural power reserved in Allah or Nature or Big Black Hole or the God from which, the world of gravitation become influenced. Modern Evolution Theory: ā??Everything of the world of matter is the result of evolution from the Allah/Godā? i.e. everything at all always is changing in the universe. The changing function of everything in the universe is going on always i.e. everything of the real world is always evolving changing and by overcoming the steps of change come various faced physics. Modern Gravitation Theory: ā??Gravitational worlds, they are moving or changing the orbit with their all family members depending on the nuclear of each otherā?. There is the big black hole or Allah or God of the eternal period in the central connection of the space of the universe or there is the huge store of sole level of energy and the place of that absolute time of that huge store is the place of origin or settlement of gravitational force or cosmic ray. God/Allah the Universe and Everything Else See at https://slashdot.org/submission/6675095/god-the-universe-everything-else See into: https://plus.google.com/104669722445739033329 New Discovery the Universe: https://shahidurrahmansikder.wordpress.com/tag/god/ Pope: The most important news- about the God, Big Bang & Evolution at https://plus.google.com/104669722445739033329/posts/MQ9wQejCRLQ Science very exciting for a religion & a nation- is there a no conflict between science and religious through that physical nature of the Universe. See at https://shahidurrahmansikder.wordpress.com/2010/10/07/294/ Member of National Geographic : https://members.nationalgeographic.com/661373318589/ Shahidur Rahman Sikder Digital Universe, 42/2 Mosque Goli, East Shah Ali Bag, Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216, BD '

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